Based on your skill and ability, choose the level that best fits for you, and let our instructors do the rest! Whether it is introducing basic aquatic skills, or perfecting some of the different swim strokes, try out some of our swim lessons!


Lesson Levels

Level 1

Introduces basic aquatic skills, effective swimming habits and safe practices in and around water. Participants continue to build on these skills as they progress.


Level 2

Participants learn to glide and float without support and recover to a vertical position. Participants further develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back, laying the foundation for future strokes.


Level 3

Participants learn and practice survival floating and learn to swim front crawl and elementary backstroke at rudimentary proficiency levels. We introduce the scissors and dolphin kicks and extend the time duration for treading water. They also learn rules for headfirst entries and begin to learn to enter the water headfirst from a seated position at poolside.


Level 4

Participants improve their aquatic skills and increase their endurance by swimming the strokes learned in level 3 for greater distances and with more advanced proficiency. Participants add arm actions to the previously learned scissor kick and breaststroke kick to perform the rudimentary sidestroke and to learn the breaststroke. Participants also begin to learn the back crawl and butterfly, as well as the basics of performing a simple open turn at a wall.


Level 5

Participants refine their performance of all six strokes and increase the distances that they swim. They also learn to perform flip turns on the front and back.


Age Breakdown

6-11 years old 11am-11:45am
11+ Noon-12:45pm

Session Dates

All sessions have 8 classes per session.

  • Saturday Sessions

                                                                         Registration ends:

  • Jan 7 - Feb 25                                     January 5 

  • Apr 1 - May 20                                     Mar 27

  • Aug 5 - Sept 30 (No class on Sept 2)  July 31

  • Oct 7 - Nov 25  (No class on Nov 25) Oct 1


Registration Information

  • Registration ends 2 days prior to session start date.
  • Member: $75 per session
  • Participant: $90 per session

Payment is due at registration. Spots fill quickly, so secure your spot today!