Water can be relaxing and fun, but without the proper training, water can be deadly. Learning water safety skills can serve kids for their whole lives. No matter where you are, whether it's at the Y, a friends house, or on a trip, water safety is important to us all. 

We can prevent accidental deaths

According to the CDC, about ten people die everyday as a result of drowning. So many of those accidental deaths are preventable. With the available training and skills necessary, we can be vigilant in protecting our community. 

A Couple of Tips

  • Never Swim Alone - You never know what might happen in the water. If you are alone, no one is around to help you.
  • Enter The Water Feet First - The easiest way to get a head injury in the pool is by diving in head first. 
  • Provide Close and Constant Attention To Children Near Water
  • Start Swim Lessons Early And Often - Here at the Y, we have swim lessons as early as 6 months! It is never to early to prepare your child for the water.