For ages 6-18 years old


All swim lesson levels

Beginner swim lessons go over all skills listed below: 

  • Elementary backstroke
  • Puts face in the water
  • Blows bubbles
  • Floating
  • Bobbing
  • Roll from front to back & back to front
  • Gliding on the front and back
  • Jumping in and getting out
  • Kicking on front and back
  • Intro to sitting dive
  • Intro to side breathing
  • Intro to treading water

Intermediate swim lessons go over all skills listed below: 

  • Putting whole head under water
  • Jumps on and gets out by self
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Retrieve items from the bottom
  • Sitting dive
  • Kneeling dive
  • Side breathing
  • Treading water

Beginner swim lessons go over all skills listed below:

  • Can swim 25 yards by themselves on front and back
  • Dolphin kick
  • Side kick
  • Flip turn
  • Side breathing
  • Treading water
  • Can swim
    • Freestyle
    • Backstroke
    • Breaststroke
    • Side stroke

Session Dates

All sessions have 6, 30 minute lessons.


Tuesday and Thursday lessons                                                                                                                                                                                                      Registration ends:

November 28th - December 14th                     (28th,30th,5th,7th,12th,14th)  Saturday, November 18th
January 16th - February 1st                             (16th,18th,23rd,25th,30th,1st)  Saturday, January 6th
February 20th - March 7th                                (20th,22nd,27th,29th,5th,7th  Saturday, February 10th


Monday and Thursday lessons

                                                                                   Registration ends:


March 19th - April 4th                                     (19th,21st,26th,28th,2nd, 4th)  Saturday, March 9th


Registration Information

  • Member: $62 per session
  • Participant: $114 per session

Payment is due at registration. Spots fill quickly, so secure your spot today!