Notable Moments In Our Past


The Y's story begins in 1844 with a man named George Williams. George founded the first YMCA to be used as a refuge for men seeking safety from the hazards of street life in London. That vision has since blossomed into what we now know as the Y today. Read the full story HERE



The YMCA of Harrison County's story begins in August of 2000. A program called Sink or Swim (SOS) was created to start a fundraising drive to bring an indoor pool to Harrison County. After months of research, SOS opted to become a YMCA to make this dream happen.



The YMCA Fitness center opened in March of 2003. This location was a temporary location and construction at a new site for the YMCA immediately began in 2003.




The building that we now know as the YMCA of Harrison County was built and opened in July of 2004. We have been proud to serve Harrison County and the surrounding areas since 2004 and are looking forward to continuing to do so for many years to come!