Group exercise is one of the many ways the Y supports its members in their healthy living lifestyle. Our group exercise programs are designed by fitness professionals to keep you social, active, and having fun! 


Group Exercise Class Types:

  • Active Older Adults - Experience a sense of belonging, friendship, and encouragement with our Active Older Adult (AOA) population. We want to serve our older adult population by providing activities that provide connection and overall better health.


  • Cycling - Cycling is a superior cardiovascular workout which incorporates different levels of resistance, speed and intensity. Participants are encouraged to cycle at their own ability level. Come join us for a class!


  • Dance - Whoever said dance is not exercise has never been to one of our classes! We incorporate dance to engage your mind and body and have some fun while you're at it! You may not even notice how hard you're working! 


  • Mind/Body - Our Mind/Body classes focus on overall health by increasing flexibility, bringing awareness to the body, and increasing coordination. 


  • Strength - Get all the benefits of strength training, with the excitement of training in a group! Increase muscle strength & learn proper movements in our strength classes!